A secluded paradise: Introduction


Where does  travelling take you? What do you perceive out of travelling? What does your insight tell you? These questions are really important to be answered before you choose your travel destination. What’s more important than this is to understand the intent behind your travel? Is it that you like to know a place from its roots, is it that you wanna witness beauty and culture in person or is it just about vacations. A place, thus, should always resonate with the content of your choices and then travel becomes fun. For me, travel means a deeper study of world and its creations and I am at my utmost ease when I am out there exploring. Travelling in itself means culture, beauty and fun for me.. And there has since long been a place on my list which fulfills all my tastes and fervor for travelling. This gift card is a place named Chitkul, it is actually a wonder of amazement as it is infinitely beautiful and is super rich in terms of culture.
As the title suggests ‘the secluded paradise’ and it is Chitkul I am referring to here, the justification of which has certain value points attached to itself. Firstly, It is the last inhabited village of India on the Indo-China border and it is not the usual place, with usual beauty, it’s something totally different. Secondly, It is not just beautiful on the outside but is also exceptionally beautiful on the inside, in a way that it’s people, it’s properties, it’s surroundings, everything is touched by purity and imperturbability.  It represents the old lives where people lived with least facilities available and still lived in harmony with the nature. It represents lives on the brim, not only in terms of the geographical borders but in terms of the brawl  between a modern life and the one guided by antiquity.


I often wonder why in the ease of a facilitated life we loose the hard earned equanimity. While in some of the most harsh places like Chitkul there still survives the merry winning smiles? I stare at these lively  alleys, tranquil faces and the daunting beauty all round. . The hangs of a garden and the sound of a river going with the flow, the glory of a booming valley and the story of the people of snow. The only thing I understand is the contentment in simple living and the direct question on the paradox of the materialistic living. Chitkul teaches one about this simplicity and represents itself as an evidence to the world. It rightly portrays that our souls remain beautiful as long as they remain in touch with purity, serenity and nature at large. Moreover the sight of the beautiful Baspa river, the bliss of an explicit beauty, the boon of a rich culture, the incentive to an adventure and most importantly the credibility to a budget vacation are all what marks Chitkul as a popular choice among travelers.


The next blog will discuss details regarding the reach, stay and activities to be done in Chitkul.

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Keep traveling but #travelwithethics

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