The confused mind

Hi EVERYONE, it’s been quite a long time since a new update but to tell you, things haven’t been quite working out. I am standing here just two months before my graduation and here I see all my dreams, friends, the ideas of wonderful life crashing down. The hostel alleys are silent and people are either into career, relationships or into TV series. So the time is hard as there is not much of an amusement left and yeah life is not like it anymore. There are times in your life when you feel helpless, when you feel that you are in real deep shit and that no one understands you, but I guess all we need is to just take a pause and let things go the way they want to. Just one thing to remember right now, is, that everything will be alright and that you will be alright. There are times when we need our friends the most but they are not available and this is the time you feel the most vulnerable, vulnerable to the things that can harm you or lure you into the darker world. I am going through a phase where my college is going to end soon, I do not have a choice in career, I have put myself into each and every thing and that the world doesn’t seem pretty anymore. I called my people on the cellphones to reach to them and tell them that I need help. But guess what, when I talked, all I heard was “it’s normal to feel this way, we all were there once and the turmoil was harsh but then see, it’s over now and we are fine, so will you be.”

This though satisfying in itself to hear is also a significant catch. See if everyone is going through this phase what is it, that we are doing this ourselves. What is it that is so common and is putting everyone into trouble? Is it the way we all are leading our lives? This is the viciousness of materialism and the manifestation of an alien culture shouting, ” I don’t give a fuck about you”.  Why is that we are losing on people that we love, why is that we push away people who love us? Someone rightly said that man is a social animal and he needs to sustain the wonderful work which evolution has done for the last million years. Maybe today the things do not seem to go according to your plan, maybe you are seeing everything changing but remember, all you need is little patience and focus because the worst times are always believed to bring the better in us. And since a lot of other people are going through the same phase out there so, let’s not turn us humans into robots and let’s not run in the race to hide or kill our emotions, feelings, love and care just because everyone else is doing it. Also let’s not harm each other but be there for each other because after everything you achieve, you would really want someone to be around you to share the joy.

Things you can do to power up through this phase:

  1. Know that whatever emotion you create, pleasantness or unpleasantness comes from within you and only you can undo it.
  2. Learn to balance your life by doing yoga, mediation, travel, explore or something recreational
  3. Keep yourself busy not to avoid life but to have a taste of it.
  4. Talk about it to your people without worrying what others would think.
  5. Listen to some good speakers. My recommendation: speaker at Isha Foundation- Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru)
  6. Learn to untangle and do not create any limits or boundaries at the time of crisis because they will soon turn to pester you.
  7. Live, Breathe and Relax.

I hope this article would reach to more and more people and they would understand the value of life and not the value of ‘means’ to avoid it.( I am referring to materialism here).  🙂

Bye Bye for now…….

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  1. I was in similar quagmire last year. The last semester of college was pretty rough. Everything seemed offbeat – friends, colleagues, classes, work – things were going haywire. I was so fed up that I just wanted to get out of that place. As the nostalgia hit, before we could comprehend and work out on proper closure, things came to an end.

    Now that I look back at it, I feel, I should have made most of it. Rather than wasting time on understanding this sudden shift in dynamics, I should have just rolled with it. I guess it happens with everyone. Key is to just continue doing whatever you have done otherwise. You have no obligations towards others except yourself. Its upon you to ensure when you finally get out of there, you should not look back upon this time and think – “I should have done this.” Best of luck!

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    1. thesoulplay says:

      I am glad I got to read this. Thank you so much.


  2. Vikrant says:

    True#Loved it❤️✌️


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