Woah, life changed!!!

Sorry guys been so busy with the life after college that writing blogs seemed a distant thing to do. It’s been so many months that college has been over and things have really changed. I see my friends running after jobs not dreams and so am I . But wait my dream is still intact to my running. HAHHAHHAHA!!!!! I hope everyone else out there still love their dreams and are creating them.

It’s so weird isn’t it? Did you feel the same way after college? I don’t even have time to travel, go out with friends things that we made this blog for. How did everything change? Life was fun, chilled out (except only that the assignments and teachers seemed the BIG deal!!!) but now career stands ahead, life stands ahead. Do you get bumped up with that question all day, even if not by someone else then you, what next, what if I fail, do I have to settle now? I go through that every third day. It’s hard I know but isn’t this the time that most people give up and SETTLE. I know it doesn’t matter if I fall or die getting there I want to make it happen.

I always remember the “butterfly effect”,  every little thing has a wider impact. It’s not the flap of a butterfly but the collective effect of that emergent property that creates the final outcome. It’s the same with your life, what you create today, lets you creates your future tomorrow (stole it from Samsung’s tagline). But yeah, work today, put your bits in to goals, to that life you want, to the people you love, to the friends who have been there always, because these little steps are what create the gigantic leaps.

I wouldn’t disagree to the fact that sometimes it seems impossible but isn’t success all about playing with these difficulties and rising above them?

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  1. Nishtha says:

    Yes, i miss old days! Makes me feel nostalgic , but yes we all are chasing our dreams❤️
    Love :*


    1. thesoulplay says:

      Always the one to encourage, Nishtha! Love :*


  2. I would have written something similar if I had to summarise everything that happened after college. So many things changed. Often it feels like everything fell part, everything that we so carefully built over those 4 years are suddenly gone like a sand castle washed up by the time waves. It’s a weird feeling, a painful one but daunting at the same time. It makes us ask if everything is so fragile. Does it even matter? Life just goes on as if it was just a phase like any other. Kind does make you feel that it’s all about the journey and present moment.


    1. thesoulplay says:

      I totally agree with you!!

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