Swachh Diwali, is it…………???

In a country where law is considered supreme, where every day lives are lived through the laws of the ancient centuries, no one really abides to them when it comes to the greater good. Noise all over in the name of religious pooja’s, smoke choking on my desire to live and garbage piling  on my dream of a swachh bharat. This noise around my home, this garbage and insanely crowded places, are what marks a festival in a city. I can’t study, I can’t sleep, there is no peace outside, thus none within. With the drums banging louder and louder, getting high on my nerves, I pester myself in anger and frustration. So  what many people die every year because of pollution and related problems? Soon to come maybe you and I will be one of them. No big deal right? Because I guess it is so difficult and against human norms to understand that there might be people suffering from some severe health problems in your neighborhood. ‘Chalo maan liya’ for a day or so one can even see through the happiness of these people, smile through their desires to dance on ”ear pleasing” loud music. But what if this goes on for days and days, for days and nights? Won’t you get angry, won’t you feel like shouting on top of your lungs to stop ‘them’ from torturing your ear drums and sanity like that? Imagine this hell and then understand that every aspiring student, every ailing, age old grandpa- grandma and every sane human being goes through this in every festival-every year. And NOTE that I do not have any problem with festivals but a problem with how these festivals are being molded into ‘Days of noise pollution and frustration’. But when I say these things, it may strike your conscience for a second or so and then? Then, No one cares for that, no one remembers a plead and what becomes important is their loud parties that go on for entire days and nights altogether. But to tell you the truth, I am frustrated, I feel anxious I want to understand why am I and such others being tortured in the name of rituals and traditions. On the day when SUPREME COURT announced the ban on fire crackers in the Delhi-NCR region, I was on cloud 9, believing that this time I will be able to breathe safe, my lungs will not bathe in the air so toxic. But the reality unveiled soon when I heard the sound of numerous fire crackers bursting out all night scarring my dreams of a breathable Diwali. But if people don’t listen to the Supreme court, a highly respected and supreme authority of our Nation, why will they listen to my plead. Who am I? My voice will be left unheard and these people along with others will keep on damaging our environment and our peace. I didn’t burn a single fire cracker yesterday, not even one, I followed the law obediently but what did I get out of it? I am still scared of the harm done yesterday, is being done today and will be done tomorrow. I am still blocking my ears to stop the noise from getting on my nerves. I am still frustrated and I am still not at peace.

So here is my question to our GOVERNMENT, to our people and to our “beloved” SUPREME COURT is is this your power, is this your authority? I am still breathing in one of the most polluted airs in the world. No one really listens to you, no one really cares. Tell me, Are rules just made to fool the innocents because besides everything ‘the devils’ are still getting away with their deeds of ruining our health as well as of yours.

To all the lovers of pollution and to all the law breakers

‘US’ from Delhi.

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  1. jassingh95 says:

    Amazing and a much needed word of awareness on this very day 👍
    Thank you for this article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thesoulplay says:

      Thank You for reading our blog, understanding it and respecting our opinion.


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